Entering the Real World

As a Junior in college, the concern of graduating and entering the working world becomes more of a reality. It’s one of the most daunting things that people at my age talk about… what do we do when we’re done with undergraduate studies?

Some people choose to go down the path of graduate school. The reasons vary from person to person, some go because they’re too afraid, or feel unqualified for the job market. Some go because it’s a necessary step before entering the career they want to pursue. Then there are others who are still unsure of their career path that they need more time in school to figure it out.

The other half of college graduates will go and try their luck on entry-level jobs, competing against peers, and strangers from across the nation, and in some cases, the world. Most people don’t get the first job they apply to, instead, they may face constant rejection. In the process, some may give up and return to school to get a higher degree, others will persist until they land a job.

Personally, I am conflicted in terms of what I want to do. Ideally, I will exit college and look for an entry-level position at a non-profit organization. I will probably be part of those persistent hopefuls that will invest a good amount of time in looking for a position. I have no doubt that I will work for a few years before going to pursue a Master’s degree in Education, or Social Work. Maybe even both at some point. Either way, the prospect of getting closer to graduation scares me, like it does my peers.

Kudos to those who know where they’re headed, and have a job waiting for them. Good luck to those who are in the same boat as I am.


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