Is it just me, or are internships becoming harder to find?

I am looking for paid internships for the summer, because a. I need the job experience, b. I’m a college student who needs the money. And both are very crucial, especially once it’s time to pay back the loans for school… yikes! Now back to the topic at hand, I know there aren’t a lack of internships, but it feels like it. Either a lack of them in general, or lack of applicable one to my circumstances.

I am a Brooklyn native, which means I am trying to find something suitable over the summer vacation in NYC. The problem is there are few open positions for which I am qualified, or am able to fulfill the required time commitment. A lot of the internships I’ve found thus far are for the Spring 2013 semester, or necessitate a longer time frame than the four months (May-August) I have to offer. In fact, some extend into the Fall 2013 semester. Granted, if I were going to school in the City, I would not be having an inkling of a problem. But I’m not.

These opportunities are aplenty for those who can afford to commit to the positions, I am not one of those people. I attend a college that it is on average a 6-hour drive from my house. Which means a. there’s no way I can commute, and b. it’s not possible for me to physically on-site when necessary. Even in the digital age, when there are virtual internships or jobs, it is still unimaginably hard to land one that meshes well with my current situation. For anyone who can relate, you know what I mean.

However, I am hopeful that I will be able to find a summer internship because most of them have yet to be posted. Right now is the awkward phase where listings are still for the Spring semester, but soon there will be an abundant selection of summer opportunities. Wish me luck!

And for all of you who are looking for something worthwhile like an internship or job for your summers as well, I wish you the best.


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