Germs in the Air

I woke up feeling horrible. My throat hurt, my voice was raspy, my head was pounding… I had to call in sick for work. I figured, I could sleep an extra two or so hours before my first class. Maybe I’d be better after that… no, I was wrong. I woke up, and now my sinuses were acting up. So, I went back to sleep in hopes that I would be able to go to my other two classes. Unfortunately, I woke up a lot later than intended and missed my second class, and it was half way through my last one so there’s no way I could make it. I am feeling slightly better now, but I’m glad that I didn’t have to go on campus today.

Most of my friends have been sick, two of them managed to get bronchitis. A lot of people have been coughing and sniffling these past few weeks, and the weather has been agent of spreading the illness around. Safe to say, I felt better to  stay in my house where germs aren’t floating everywhere that can get me sick. Honestly, I feel like I’ve already had it because I can’t hide if the germs are already in the air everywhere, but I give props to my immune system for not caving in just yet.

Dress appropriately, drink lots of fluids, wash your hands, and stay away from people who might be contagious! At least, that’s what I’m doing.


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