Monthly Archives: March 2013

So Distracted

This article really opened my eyes to how unfocused I am. In fact, I couldn’t read through this article without doing other things, like check my texts or Facebook messages.

We live in a world where technology is dominant, where social media and cellphones become the major form of linking us to others. Unfortunately, we lose control of how much we use these technologies without realizing it. This becomes disappointing because we’re missing out on the quality of life–of actual interactions and putting all our efforts into one place. I admit to being a multitasker, doing more than one thing at a time. However, when I review the quality of the work I do, often times, I am utterly disappointed.

I realize that the only time I can completely focus on something is when there is a deadline fast-approaching. In that last minute time crunch, I am able to concentrate solely on the task at hand because there is no time to actually do anything else. Usually, I find these times to be late at night, or some could say early morning, when everyone is asleep and no one is texting, or messaging, or emailing me. Where I know I can completely engage in the task at hand.

After reading the above article, I plan on designating two hours every day, as technology-free time. Time when I will commit to reading for my classes without checking my phone, or email, or Facebook, Twitter or any other sort of social media. I will be starting this regime April 1st, and onward for as long as possible. Maybe it’ll even allow me to lessen my technology consumption for longer periods of time, to really engage in life, and not just a screen.