Entering the Job Market

The other day my brother sent me some files with advice for interviewing, and writing resumes and cover letters. He noted, that it was for “anyone who’s in the job market,” which included a bunch of my cousins. The first thing I felt when I read those words was panic and anxiety.

I am still currently a college student; so the idea that entering the job market is nearing, terrifies me. I am well aware that in a little over a year, I will be finished with my undergraduate degree, and will have to find a job. I will be as my brother said, entering the job market.

However, my panic and anxiety doesn’t stem from the uncertainty of life after college, it stems from the fact that I am now grouped with my siblings and cousins. They are all hitting their 30s, and I’ve just begun my 20s. I have always been considered the “baby” of the family, except the baby’s grown into an adult now. That’s what scares me.

Reaching adulthood is a natural process, it’s bound to happen no matter how much we dread it. Unfortunately, nothing ever thoroughly prepares you for it.

Personally, I’ve been in school for a majority of my life. The only jobs I’ve held were summer employment and my work study jobs. This limits my ability to have a strong resume, I mean, I basically hold no work experience. I’ve had to beef up my resume using extracurricular activities, but it’s still flimsy. The sad part about all of this is that most entry level jobs, and even internships (summer ones included) prefer experience. How am I supposed to enter with experience when the job I am applying for is supposed to be the one to give me experience?

It’s frustrating, and nerve-wracking. Especially waiting for a reply of sorts after submitting the application… Then, when the call comes, and an interview is set up, it’s even more unsettling because now the ball’s rolling, and it’s down to the final few applicants that are considered. I feel like entering the job market is entering a competition of the fittest, those who are most qualified without being over qualified.

I wish anyone who shares my position the best of luck! I will share my experiences if I do happen to land one of the internships I’ve applied to.


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