iPod Nano 7th Generation

Recently, I lost my old reliable 3rd generation iPod nano. I originally wanted to replace it with another 3rd generation nano, but I am very particular about my iPod being red. So, I took the leap and purchased the newest model, the 7th Generation iPod nano in red.

The first thing I noticed was that the Apple logo on the back was red, as the rest of the body. I was super excited about that. It was definitely a redeeming factor in my getting this iPod (yes, I’m a little strange).

Second, the fact that my iPod nano can now store 16GB of music and/or videos makes me happy, considering I was almost running out of space in my former 8GB nano.

Third, I like that it’s a touch screen because it’s easier to navigate without having to turn the wheel forever to get to a song, or a setting I want.

However, although I appreciate some aspects of the new device, there is one letdown that basically makes me overlook all the good–there’s no hold button on the iPod. The only buttons on nano are: the power/sleep button, the home button, volume buttons, and a play/pause one. I thought maybe if I pressed the sleep button it would lock my nano so the other buttons wouldn’t work, and would prevent me from altering the volume or stop/change the song. I was wrong.

I don’t know why Apple decided to get rid of the hold button. I used it all the time, and I thought it was the most beneficial feature on my previous nano. I’m sorely disappointed that it’s gone; especially because I get really irritated when my music changes on me. This fault in design overshadows all the good things about the nano, including the new earphones. Additionally, the change to the new charger has me less than impressed. I still don’t understand why that was a necessary change.

I guess my overall feeling about the 7th Generation iPod Nano would be… satisfied? It does its job, and it’s red. There’s nothing great about it, and it lost one of its best functions.



One thought on “iPod Nano 7th Generation

  1. snippetmaster April 23, 2013 at 10:12 pm Reply

    At least it isn’t a shuffle! Shuffles stink.

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