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Making Decisions, SUNY Geneseo

When applying for college, I had no intention of applying to Geneseo. I hadn’t even heard of the school until my senior year of high school. The only reason I applied was because I wanted to apply to New Paltz, and my friend suggested I apply to Geneseo instead. His exact words were, “It’s like New Paltz, but better. You should try for it.” So, I did. (For some reason, I did not apply to New Paltz at all.)

The hardest decision I made was between Buffalo and Geneseo. Buffalo was farther away, it was a very big school (like my high school on a larger scale), and a lot of my friends would be going there. Geneseo was the exact opposite. I knew only two other people who would be attending Geneseo, and it was much smaller.

I’m sure the deciding factors of my choosing Geneseo over Buffalo were: 1) I wouldn’t know anyone attending the school, so I would have the opportunity to meet new people. 2) I was still indecisive as to whether I wanted to pursue a psychology or an education major, and Geneseo had great programs for both of the choices.

So, in the end I chose Geneseo–a choice I had doubts about, but never regretted.


Senior Year

Senior year… wow.

It’s hard to believe that I completed three years of undergraduate studies already, and am starting the last year to close this chapter of my life. This year is filled with boundless expectations, and unlimited possibilities– the last “Hoorah!”.

Being at Geneseo for the last three years taught me things about myself, family, friends, and most importantly the world. I’ve learned so much from a variety of professors in different areas of study, I’ve experienced different types of classes from lectures to discussions to digital. I’ve outgrown my shell and tried things I never thought I would do. I’ve held e-board positions, played a role in various committees across campus, and I have met and talked to a lot of administrative people that others may never encounter.

So, what does senior year hold?

I can only imagine how quickly this year will pass, and how surreal my entire college experience will feel when I graduate. Regardless, I cannot wait for all the possibilities and open doors of this new year.

Struggle with Storage

In all my years attending SUNY Geneseo, I trust and use one storage place. In the previous years, they had an option to help those who rented storage space move things from the storage unit to the customer’s residence, and vice versa.

Needless to say, it came as a huge shock to me when they told me they no longer provide that service. Now, let’s put this in prospective (my point of view): I am a college student from NYC. Clearly, I needed storage space because I had no options to bring my things home. In other words, if I were able to transport my belongings, storage would not be necessary at all.

Now, as a “regular” customer, I like the people running the place; and I understand why the service was discontinued. However, I would’ve liked to have been previously informed of it. Especially when I was offered the option to have someone move my things into the storage unit. All this means is that I may have to arrange with some friends to have their assistance in moving my things from storage to my new apartment. I don’t think that would be too much of an issue, but more of an inconvenience, especially because of how last minute the request.

I hope that something can be arranged so they can move my things to me; otherwise, I will be scrambling to do so.