Making Decisions, SUNY Geneseo

When applying for college, I had no intention of applying to Geneseo. I hadn’t even heard of the school until my senior year of high school. The only reason I applied was because I wanted to apply to New Paltz, and my friend suggested I apply to Geneseo instead. His exact words were, “It’s like New Paltz, but better. You should try for it.” So, I did. (For some reason, I did not apply to New Paltz at all.)

The hardest decision I made was between Buffalo and Geneseo. Buffalo was farther away, it was a very big school (like my high school on a larger scale), and a lot of my friends would be going there. Geneseo was the exact opposite. I knew only two other people who would be attending Geneseo, and it was much smaller.

I’m sure the deciding factors of my choosing Geneseo over Buffalo were: 1) I wouldn’t know anyone attending the school, so I would have the opportunity to meet new people. 2) I was still indecisive as to whether I wanted to pursue a psychology or an education major, and Geneseo had great programs for both of the choices.

So, in the end I chose Geneseo–a choice I had doubts about, but never regretted.


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