How to Start?

One of obstacles I face when writing is figuring out where to start. Or better yet, how to start. Whether it’s a story, a blog, a reflection, or a poem, I always grapple for a perfect beginning. Half the time, I know the ending, I know what everything will lead to, and filling in the middle isn’t so hard when you have an end point. But trying to figure the starting point, well… it’s nearly impossible.

I’ve read on writers’ forums that a lot of people don’t start at the beginning. Some people work their way backwards, starting with the end goal in mind. One of my friends told me that starting her novel was the hardest part, and she had to return to the beginning after finishing it.

I don’t know if I can work like that. But something I realized is that writing a novel is hard, and finding a perfect beginning for it is even harder. What I’ve been doing is writing my tidbit of ideas, the scenes that I picture in my head, and filling in the blanks as I go along. I have a rough beginning, and a clear idea for the end, so I will just go back and tweak everything when I finish to make it perfect.

The starting point doesn’t have to be the beginning, it’s just the place where you begin.


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