Forgiving someone doesn’t mean forgetting what they’ve done, but accepting it as is and moving on from the moment. Forgiveness is a gift to someone else and yourself.

I have a hard time forgiving people. In arguments, I will bring up past wrongdoings into the equation, things that should be left out completely because of its irrelevance to the situation at hand.

I like to believe that I forgive people, but when I lie in bed thinking about how people have wronged me, I realize that I didn’t forgive them at all. Maybe I take any transgression as personal, any thing that someone did that may have hurt me, I see as a direct attack.

Sometimes I’m easily triggered by things, so if someone unknowingly says something that offends me, I may automatically process whatever he or she said as a personal attack aimed toward me.

As I grow older, into my own person, I am trying to really achieve a state where I can truly forgive people, and truly love because Love and Forgiveness goes hand in hand.

I think that everyone deserves an infinite amount of chances, and maybe that’s what makes me so susceptible to these issues, but I honestly and truly believe that people are able to change. And by forgiving someone, you may be a catalyst for his or her transformation.


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One thought on “Forgiveness

  1. Darling and Sir January 10, 2014 at 7:33 pm Reply

    I think if one wants to forgive it will happen.
    Just leave a place for forgiveness in your heart and one day you’ll realize it has become a reality.
    Great post. Thank you.

    ~ Darling

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