Love… What is it?

“I love you”

I’ve heard the phrase. I’ve said the phrase. 

But what is love?

Obviously, there are different types of love. The love I feel for my friends is different from the love I feel for my family. The love I feel for my significant other is different from the love I feel toward Eminem. 

From the New Testament in the Bible, there’s a whole chapter on love: 1 Corinthians 13. God is love. 

Is that the same then? God exists (I believe He does), but he is an enigma. Does that apply to love as well?

And still, there are variations of feeling love. Are you in love or do you just love? It’s amazing how syntax can change the entire sentiment when it comes to love. 

Even more importantly, how do you show love?

Do you say it, or do you spread it through hugs and kisses? And if you are from a culture where people don’t explicitly express love, is it in the actions? Arguably, expressing love ranges from little gestures to grand declarations. Yet, how does the person receiving these notions know that you love them? How do they tell whether these actions are purely coincidental, obligatory, or truly from the heart?

Finally, is there a time when love just dies? Romantically speaking, people fall out of love all the time. But that begs the question of whether or not the people were truly in love in the first place. See, I am a hopeless romantic at heart, and I don’t believe in the notion of falling out of love. But does that mean you can love multiple people at once? Isn’t that emotionally cheating if you are with another person? Polyamorous. Or maybe the love is still there, but faded or covered my the new wave of strong emotion.

All I gathered from chick flicks, romance novels, and real life is that love is complicated. Thinking about it, contemplating it, and trying to reason with or about it is pointless. From experience, love is just meant to be felt. Everyone has a different understanding of love, but that doesn’t mean anyone is wrong about it. For instance, how you feel toward your significant other may differ from how he or she feels about you, but who’s to say that what you or your partner feels isn’t love?


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