What Does the Future Hold?

I admire ambitious self-starters with clear visions for themselves, who chase after their dreams, unafraid of failure.

I don’t quite fit that category of person.

I am both afraid and unsure of what my future holds and of how to get there.

I used to imagine my whole career life with all my different accomplishments ranging from running a non-profit organization, being a novelist, and being a social worker (not in that order).

My plans included an age in which these goals would be reached. Lo and behold, the course of my path became curved. I still wish to accomplish the aforementioned things, but at the same time, I’m in a stagnant position.

What’s the first step?

Moreover, if I take it and I walk down the road that it leads, will it actually bring me to the preconceived future?

I’m actively working on applying to jobs that are in the non-profit sector, administrative positions, and I’m working on my writing through my website and my novel. Still, it’s easy to be discouraged, and one of the hardest things I can come to face is failure.

Thankfully, the idea of failure is no longer as gripping as it once was, so maybe I’ll be able to overcome the fear soon.

Reading The Try Guys book, The Hidden Power of F*cking Up, is bringing some perspective in the dimensions of trying and failing, and trying again.

Maybe one day I’ll be able to have a clearer answer to my questions of what my future holds, but right now I’m stumped. I’m just working on the now with what I’ve learned from my past.

My greatest hope is that my future turns out to be what I’ve been wishing and aiming for all these years.

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