Not-So-Guilty Pleasures

How is it November already?! October was a complete blur. As mentioned in the previous post, I had a lot of change happening in my life. I’m honestly surprised I made it through the month mostly unscathed (two episodes of moderately severe back pain happened). I’m settling into my new apartment quite nicely, courtesy of my wonderful boyfriend who put in the effort to put it together while I overworked myself the past month.

Yeah, you read it right. Overworked.

The hustle is real, and I don’t necessarily support the concept of hustle culture, but honestly you have to do what you have to do. I’ve been non-stop working since I started, so I literally went from 0 to 100 in a matter of a day. And I’ve noticed that I’m breaking down. Not so bad as panic attacks or severe back pain, at least I hope not. But it’s been pretty obvious that I’m feeling the effects, and I brought it up in therapy.

And I like my therapist because we could’ve gone through how to fix or overcome my barriers or whatever, but problem-solving wasn’t what I was really looking for; so she asked me, what’s going well?

The question gave me pause because I’d been complaining and whining and focusing on being tired. So like, yeah, what is going well? And unsurprisingly, a lot is going well despite how exhausted I feel and how overexerted I feel. I love my new job and my coworkers have been really great and supportive. Management has been knowledgeable, helpful, and welcoming. My boyfriend has been taking on a lot of household chores to lessen my stress. I haven’t really fallen apart yet physically or emotionally, and I get the benefits of partial work-from-home. My nephew is my wake up call on the weekdays so I get to start my day on a positive note. To sum up, a lot of good is simultaneously occurring with the strenuous, and I am ever so grateful that my therapist had me pause and highlight these things. It’s not that these good things overshadow or invalidates the feelings of tiredness, but it helped me refocus that it’s not all bad.

And to help on that trend is focusing a bit on self care, which is calls back to the title of this post. It’s that time of year again when Netflix, Lifetime, Hallmark, and every other broadcasting site or network starts pushing out their holiday movies. And I am an absolute sucker for them..You know I already watched one because here I am posting on my site.

There’s holiday tropes galore: blogger being catfished, coming home to visit the family and finding love, some rival business deals, etc. And I’m really here for it! I took some time to just relax and watch Love Hard starring Nina Dobrev and Jimmy O’Yang. hello Asian representation! It’s been a while since I decompressed and did something I enjoyed to relax instead of browsing on Instagram and going to sleep. It was nice. I mean, yeah I definitely rolled my eyes and some of the cliches that were thrown about, but that’s part of the genre, you know?

And taking this little break for myself has made me feel refreshed and feeling ready to tackle dinner… which I haven’t even decided what I’m eating yet. It also made me excited because on the way to watch that movie on Netflix, I saw the preview for The Princess Switch 3 starring Vanessa Hudgens and I’m just overall excited for the holiday romance movies. It’s giving me something to look forward to, and that’s good and healthy for me. And honestly, it’s probably why I don’t think of binging holiday cliches as a guilty pleasure anymore because why feel guilty about doing something that brings me joy?


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