About Me


I’m so excited for you to be here browsing my content.

I’m Ling, an aspiring social worker and writer. I’m based in Brooklyn, NY where I was born and raised. I am passionate about mental health issues and sociology. I have tried several times to maintain a website over the years, but I could never figure out what content to post or I would try to designate different content to different blogs. I’ve since decided to put everything here.

You’ll find a whole range of writing here from creative, to academic, to thought pieces. I want to showcase all the facets of my person on this website. I learned a long time ago to create boundaries and to separate different parts of myself for different purposes. Now, I want to synthesize all these selves into one whole.

Thank you for your patronage to my website and indulging in my ramblings!


Twitter: @DazzlingRambles

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