Fresh Start

As I embark on a new chapter in my life, I’ve decided to also start my website anew.

Previously, I posted irregularly about a wide range of seemingly random topics, mostly focusing on my existential and everyday struggles. Though I intend on keeping similar posts on this page, but I also plan on incorporating more content. For instance, I will be adding my creative writing to this website as well as researched/academic writing.

I will provide links to resources or advice that I find helpful. I will add reviews of places I’ve been and things I’ve tried. Basically, this blog will be bigger and better than before.

Most importantly, I will be updating on a regular basis. There will be a weekly reflection along with a monthly post for a thematic segment. Additional posts will be sporadic when a mood strikes. There may be times when I post things daily.

Weekly posts will be up on Sundays at 12pm EST
Monthly posts will be up on the 12th of the month at 12pm EST

Please feel free to leave comments and feedback. Or find me on twitter @Dazzlingrambles